Hardwood Flooring: Prefinished vs. Unfinished

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For our latest post in our hardwood flooring series we will discuss the difference between prefinished wood flooring and unfinished wood flooring.Prefinished Wood Floors

Prefinished Wood Floors

Prefinished wood floors have been milled, sanded, stained and finished in a factory prior to installation. Because prefinished floors are finished in a factory setting, they can apply the finish in a perfectly controlled environment resulting in a smooth, durable finish. Installation will also be faster and once installed, you can immediately begin walking on the floor. Depending on the species of wood, the material costs will be higher, but the labor costs will be lower.Unfinished Wood FloorsMost prefinished floors have a beveled edge to allow for slight variances in the height of the wood due to subfloor inconsistencies.Unfinished Wood Floors

Unfinished Wood Floors

Unfinished wood floors are rough sanded with no stain or finish applied. The floors are installed and then sanded on site to create a smooth surface. After the floors have been sanded a stain is applied (if desired) and then sealer coats are applied. Unfinished floors do not have a beveled edge as any inconsistencies in the height of the wood are smoothed out during the sanding process. Stains can be mixed to match any stain color desired. In addition, gloss levels can be varied from a matt finish to a high gloss finish.Contact us today to schedule a free hardwood flooring consultation.

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