Red Oak with Dark Walnut Stain and UV Finish


Kashian Bros new Ultra Violet (UV) cured finish is the most durable finish we have ever used. Used for years in wood flooring manufacturing facilities for pre-finished floors because of it’s superior durability. The technology is now available for the first time for “on-site” finished floors.

The dual polymer UV cured finish is instantly cured when exposed to the UV light. The polymers bond together to create a durable, long lasting protective finish.

The wood in these images is long length 3 1/4″ wide White Oak. The stain color is coffee brown. You will note in some images the “butterfly” pegs between the boards which create additional strength. Some areas of the floor are top nailed with decorative pegs. Because of the heavy traffic and high moisture content the floor is exposed to, the wood is glued down and nailed.


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