An Explanation of the Different Types of Carpet Texture

Carpet TextureThere are many different types of carpet texture. The texture of the carpet effects its look, softness and durability. Understanding the different textures will help you better decide which one is appropriate for your home.

Cut Pile: ­A carpet fabric in which the face is composed of cut ends of pile yarn.

Cut and Loop Liles: The cut and loop pile combines both looped and cut fibers. They provide a variety of surface textures for medium durability. Cut and loop carpets are available in either solid or different colors.  The several different layers in this carpet can hide dirt and footprints in formal and informal areas.

Frieze (also known as Trackless or Textured) ­A “frieze ” (pronounced “fri ­ZAY “) is a cut pile carpet manufactured with yarn that curls in different directions. The twisted yarn creates a casual, elegant finish that helps mask the appearance of footprints and vacuum marks.

Level Cut / Loop (also known as Pattern Cut Pile) ­This type of carpet features a sophisticated look created by running cut pile and loop pile on a level pile height. The cuts and loops can appear random, or they can be arranged to create a distinct pattern.

Level Loop: ­This type of carpet features yarn on the face of the carpet which forms loops of the same height, with both ends laminated into the carpet backing.

Multi­ Level Cut/Loop Pile: ­This type of carpet features a sophisticated look created by running cut pile and loop pile, but the loops can be varying heights. The cuts and loops can appear random, or they can be arranged to create a distinct pattern.

Multi­ Level Loop Pile: ­Similar to a level loop, varying heights of carpet features yarn on the face of the carpet that forms loops, of varying heights. The various heights can be random, or they can be arranged to create a distinct pattern.

Saxony: Saxony consists of tightly twisted cut piles that are heat set straight. They consist of two or more fibers that have been twisted together in a yarn, and they provide a very soft texture for informal as well as formal areas. They will show each and every footprint and even marks from vacuum cleaners.

Textured Saxony: Textured carpet is the best selling and it works well in informal areas due to the very soft feel.  They are tightly twisted and texture headset for medium durability. They also offer a multi colored look that will hide tracks and footprints.

Shag: ­A carpet texture characterized by long pile tufts laid over in random directions in such a manner that the sides of the yarn form the traffic surface. Modern shags are made from plied, heat ­set yarns and are either cut pile or cut and loop styles.

Plush / Velvet Cut Pile: ­Cut pile carpet with an incredibly smooth surface refinement. The individual tufts of yarn are virtually imperceptible, creating an elegant, formal look that is reminiscent of suede or velvet.

Flatweave: The flatweave carpet is created by interlocking warp and weft threads.

Tip-sheared: The texture has a level surface with cut and uncut loops. It does not shade as much as velvet/plush textures, nor does it hide footprints as well as level-loop pile texture.

Cable: Cable carpets use well twisted, heavier yarns that are usually tufted in a more casual construction. Typically good for light to medium traffic areas.

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Posted May 20, 2015
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