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Below are some examples of Kashian Bros’ stair runner design, fabrication and installation work. Fill out our online contact form or call us today at 847-251-1200 to set up a free in-home stair runner consultation.

Experts in stair runner design, fabrication and installation.

Kashian Bros has extensive experience designing, fabricating and installing stair runners. Our stair runner team works closely with you to help you choose the right carpet material and style for your home. We then carefully measure your home and fabricate the carpet to fit your stairs. Our stair runner installation team has years of experience designing and installing stair runners for our Chicago North Shore customers.

Some of the important options to consider when selecting a stair runner:

  1. Width of the runner – The standard width of a runner is 26″. It is a matter of personal preference regarding how much wood to reveal on the sides of the runner, but as a guide, we suggest a minimum of 4″, depending on the staircase (view example)
  2. Installation method – there are two methods for installing a staircase
    1. Upholstered, also called Hollywood installation, is custom fit and secured underneath the nosing of the stair tread (view example)
    2. Waterfall installation is secured at the back of the stair tread and is allowed to flow over the edge of the nosing (view example)
    3. In some cases, we use a combination of both (view example)
  3. Type of pattern – When choosing a pattern, considerations include:
    1. Size of the pattern (large size patterns can create a dramatic effect – view example), or a small pattern (which offers a more neutral design – view example).
    2. Stripes can make a staircase feel wider – view example.
    3. All over designs can help to hide soil – view example.
  4. Borders – To create a truly custom design, consider adding a border
    1. Wide Fabric – view example
    2. Inserts – Broadloom carpet with a contrasting border can create an interesting design element – view example
    3. Premade runners with borders – offer an economical choice for creating a custom look – view example
  5. Texture – carpet comes in many different textures
    1. Flatweave / Sisal – view example
    2. Cut Pile – view example
    3. Loop –  generally, the tighter the loop is pulled down, the more durable the carpet will be – view example
    4. Cut and Loop – view example
“I've used Kashian for years. We bought all our carpeting from them when we were building houses. They were very good. Kashian has always been good. The last time they were here they cleaned my carpet. They did a nice job. I would recommend them.”
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