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From water mitigation through the
reinstallation or replacement of the damaged flooring.

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Nothing can create more havoc in your home than water damage. Water can come from seepage in your basement, sewage back up, burst pipes, overflowing toilets, dishwashers and a host of other sources.

When water strikes, Kashian Bros is your complete resource; from loss assessment and evaluation, to water removal, dehumidification, structural and contents dry out and monitoring the project through completion. We work with all types of insurance companies and will assist with communication to insure that your home is returned to pre loss condition as quickly as possible.

Kashian Bros is one of the only companies that has the capability to take the project from water mitigation through the final process of reinstallation or replacement of the damaged flooring including carpet, vinyl and wood.

Kashian Bros is IICRC certified in water damage and restoration.

Our process

  • We schedule a crew to come to the home to perform an initial evaluation. During the initial visit
    we will try to determine the source of the water and the classification of the water.Water Damage ClassificationCategory 1: Clean Water – clean water supply lines, clean toilet water, faucets

    Category 2: Some level of contaminants – washing machines, urine, dishwasher

    Category 3: Unsanitary water – sewage, standing water with microbial growth

  • We will then gather insurance information (if available), establish a timeline for how long the water has been present and establish work conditions (is there electricity, heat etc…)
  • After the initial evaluation and approval from the customer, we will begin extracting the water and begin the process of moving and protecting the furniture and contents from further damage. Flooring will be evaluated for repair or replacement and moisture levels will be recorded and monitored.
  • Following IICRC guidelines, drying equipment will be placed into service. Commercial dehumidifiers and air movers will be used to quickly lower atmospheric moisture and speed up the drying process.
  • We then begin cleaning and sanitizing floors, walls and or affected contents as needed. Furniture may be moved or placed on blocks. Contents will be evaluated to determine if they can be salvaged and if necessary will be cleaned and sanitized before boxing them.
  • Once the water source has been determined and corrected, we will begin the process of returning your home to the pre-loss condition.
    1. CARPET – if the carpet is in good condition and can be salvaged, we will replace the affected area of pad and re-stretch the carpet back into place. When completed, the carpet will be cleaned and the furniture will be returned.
    2. WOOD FLOORS – A determination will be made on the condition of the wood floors. Options include waiting until the moisture levels return to acceptable levels and nothing further will be required, or it may be necessary to sand and refinish the floors. In a worst case scenario, the wood floors and the subfloor may need to be removed and replaced. Whatever is required, Kashian Bros can take the project to full completion.
    3. VINYL – Depending on the type and condition of the vinyl flooring, it will be cleaned, sanitized and reinstalled or if necessary, replaced.

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“Our two newly carpeted areas look so fresh and bright. The installers were gentlemen who knew a thing or two about their craft. We are very appreciative!”
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