Hardwood Flooring Finishes

Wood Floor FinishesFor our final post in our hardwood flooring series we will discuss the various types of wood flooring finishes that are available.

Water-based Polyurethane Finish: Streetshoe

Water based polyurethane finish contains minute spheres of resin including acrylic (which make the finish clear and hard), polyurethane (which make the floor tough and scratch resistant) suspended in water along with glycol ether (a slow evaporating solvent that allows the finish to spread evenly for a smooth surface). Water based polyurethane finishes also need to have a catalyst added before application. The catalyst contains Aziradine which allows smooth coats of finish to adhere to one another and adds chemical and abrasion resistance.

Properties of water-based polyurethane finish:

  • Considered a surface finish. The material build up sits on top of the wood. You are actually walking on the finish and not the wood itself.
  • Very Durable – resists scratches and dents. Also non-rigid to resist flaking when scratched.
  • UV inhibitor minimizes the change in the amber of the floor over time.
  • Non Toxic with low VOC’s – safe for family and pets. No need to move out.
  • Quick dry times – usually 2 to 3 hours between coats, depending on conditions, allowing you to get back on your floors sooner.
  • Ease of maintenance – See “Kashian Bros – care and maintenance guide”.

Oil-based Polyurethane Finish: DuraSeal

Oil based polyurethane finish is composed of Linseed Oil-Modified Polyurethane, Soya Alkyd Polymer (the main bonding agent) and mineral spirits (the slow evaporating solvent that allows the finish to flow.

Properties of oil-based polyurethane finish:

  • Oil-based polyurethane is a penetrating finish. It seals and protects the wood and does not build up on the surface like water based polyurethanes. It is a matter of choice, some customer prefer the more natural look of the penetrating sealer.
  • Oil based polyurethane finishes turn a light amber color over time. This is especially noticeable on light colored floors like Maple that can take on a yellow hue as the finish ages.
  • Oil-based finishes take longer to dry because it takes longer for their solvent to evaporate. You must wait 24 hours or longer for the finish to completely dry.
  • The main problem with oil-modified finishes is their odor. The solvents must evaporate out of the finish in order for it to cure.

Hardwax Oil Finish: DuraSeal Past Wax and Dura Finish

Hardwax Oil contains organic oil, wax of Carnauba palm tree, and other natural components. Hardwax Oil is an oxidative finish; it dries out in open air. In Hardwax Oil finish, oil easily penetrates into wood pores, deeply saturating the wood, strengthening and protecting it from ill effects of moisture, dirt etc. Waxes create a hard protective film on the wood surface. Aside from moisture defense, they protect the floor surface from wearing.

Properties of hardwax oil finish:

  • Hard wax oil floors have a natural appearance with a low sheen.
  • Repairs are easy. Once the area has been repaired, you simply reapply the hard wax oil which easily blends in to the surrounding floor. You don’t need to refinish the entire floor.
  • Completely non-toxic with very low VOC’s
  • The floor can be maintained by cleaning an re-applying the hard wax oil finish

Ultraviolet Cured Finish: Aboritech

UV cured finishes contain photo initiators which immediately bond when exposed to UV light. UV finishes have been on the market for years, used mainly by large prefinished wood flooring manufactures. This technology is now available for on-site finishing.

By combining Nanotechnology and Ceramic Silica, Aboritech UV Cured finish achieves a new level of durability and protection. At an atomic level, finishes have tiny voids and gaps that can limit their durability, the nanoparticles are small enough to consistently fill these voids, allowing the finish to better handle stress, wear evenly and deliver superior durability. The Ceramic Silica multiplies the benefits of Nano technology. It acts as an atomic rebar to fortify the finish.

Properties of Aboritech UV Cured Finish:

  • Immediate curing after exposed to portable UV light
  • Increased durability – up to 40% more durable than other water based finishes
  • Very low VOC’s

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Posted March 19, 2015
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