Hardwood Flooring Installation Methods

We’ll explain the various installation methods for hardwood flooring for our latest post in our wood flooring series.

Nail Down Wood Floors

Nail Down Installation

Solid wood floors are typically nailed directly to a plywood subfloor. The wood floor is secured by driving a nail through the tongue of the board at an angle. The next board then covers the nail head (also called blind nailing).

Floating Wood Floors

Floating Installation

Floating wood floors are installed by locking the specially designed tongue and groove together. There is no need to glue or nail the floor down to the subfloor. Generally, a sound barrier / moisture barrier underlayment is installed first and the floating floor is installed on top.

Glue Down Wood Floors

Glue Down Installation

Engineered wood floors with a tongue and groove can be glued down. In most cases, an underlayment (sound / moisture barrier) is glued to the subfloor floor and the wood floor is then glued to the underlayment. This is also known as a double- glue down A double glue down floor eliminates many of the issues associated with floating floors including the slight bounce or hollow sounds you may notice because of slight imperfections in the subfloor.

Wood Floor Wear Layer

Wear Layer

With a ¾” Solid wood floor, the wear layer is the portion of the plank from the top of the wood to the tongue. Once the floor is worn down or sanded down to the tongue, the floor can no longer be refinished and will need to be replaced. For an engineered wood floor, this is the section of real wood that sits atop the cross directional wood base. Engineered wood floors can range from a very thin veneer that can never be resanded to a 4 mil wear layer that may be resanded 2 or 3 times.

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Posted March 13, 2015
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