Rug Maintenance 101

You might think that vacuuming is enough to keep your area rugs clean. But Doug Stein, President and owner of Kashian Bros, which specializes in fine oriental rug cleaning says that you would be surprised how much dirt is lurking below the surface.

Vacuuming can remove the solid particulates on the surface of the rug, but it will not remove the fine grit that settles at the base of the rug or the oils that stick to the rug fibers. The source of the dirt can come from anywhere: air born dust that contain oils from cooking, dilute sulfuric acid from fireplace burning, pet dander, dead skin cells, salt and soil tracked in from outside and food spills can all combine and bond with the rug fibers.

Over time, these can oxidize and form a resin that will begin to yellow and eventually weaken the carpet fiber. And the fine grit acts like sandpaper to scratch and abrade the fibers.

So what can you do to protect your investment and insure that your rug remains beautiful for years to come. Stein has a few simple suggestions to help keep your rugs in top shape.

  1. Get your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year. Make sure that the company you choose specializes in rug cleaning. Carpet cleaners that only steam clean your rugs will not be able to offer as deep a cleaning as those that thoroughly soak your rugs and shampoo them.
  2. Use a firm pad underneath the rug to minimize unnecessary wear and provide additional cushion.
  3. When vacuuming – raise the beater bar to the highest level and clean at a 90* angle to prevent fringe from getting caught.
  4. Turn your rugs periodically to prevent uneven traffic patterns.
  5. When cleaning spills, make sure to blot – never rub the area which can cause fibers to become distorted. Once the stain is removed, make sure the area is rinsed thoroughly to remove any soapy residue which can attract dirt and blot until dry.
  6. If your pet has an accident, Stein recommends soaking rugs in an enzyme tank to help break down the urine and completely flush it out. It will also minimize the chance that your pet will seek out that spot in the future.
  7. If you start to see some wear, addressing it early can save from a much larger repair down the road. Kashian Bros offers a full range of repairs including reweaving holes, new fringe or overcasting, hand serging, and tinting worn areas.
  8. If you plan on storing your rugs for any length of time, clean them thoroughly, wrap them in paper (not plastic, where mold will grow) – Tyvek paper is the best, keep them elevated in a dry climate controlled environment and lastly – spray them with moth proofing to prevent damage.

Kashian Bros offers free pick up and delivery or discounts on drop offs. To schedule a cleaning, call us at 847 251 1200 or click here to submit our contact form.

Kashian Bros has been cleaning, restoring and selling fine domestic and oriental rugs since 1910. The company cleans rugs at its state-of-the-art cleaning plant in Evanston and services the communities of the North Shore.

Posted October 7, 2011
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